AI Puppet Market Sectors



Puppets have been used in education since the 19th century and have proved to be very successful with children from a..

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Special needs


Puppets have proved to be a really useful tool in aiding child development. Various studies have shown that Puppets have..

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care homes


Whilst Puppets have always been synonymous with their ability to educate and entertain young children, Puppets..

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Puppets have been proven to be an extremely useful tool in helping dementia sufferers. Many published studies have..

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AI Puppet Robots are able to be very informative. They are able to tell prospective clients about products

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Our AI Puppet Puppets will be a magnet for your trade show stand. They will be able to answer questions about your..

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AI Puppet Hire For Exhibitions, Conferences & Media

Exhibitions & Trade Shows


Our AI Puppet Robots Are Available To Hire For Exhibitions & Trade Shows. Let our Puppet Robots engage your audience, add brand awareness and drive traffic to your stand. Our Puppet Robots will..

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If the theme of your Conference is about AI, Chatbots, Robotics or technology our AI Puppet Robots will add an extra dimension to your event. Our Puppet Robots can be programmed to do almost..

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Keynote Speakers


Our high end Spitting Image AI Puppet will "wow" your audience at your conference. Not only are our Puppet Robots capable of delivering a keynote speech autonomously at your 

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Our AI Puppet Robots are available for TV interviews, newspaper articles and photo shoots, magazine articles and advertising as well as TV shows and movies. We are able to recreate almost any..

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AI Puppet Solutions

static AI Puppets


Our Static AI Puppets have our unique AI chatbot solution embedded in the puppet. The inventory includes a huge array of different types of faces and sizes from 46cm to 70cm which can be purchased separately from our shop as part of a kit, or  individually.

Lip sync ai puppets


Our unique mechanism enables our puppets to talk in harmony with the chat, bringing the puppets to life. The puppets can only be bought as part of a kit from our online puppet shop.

AI Talking puppets


Our AI Talking Puppets bring characters to life and can be made bespoke for you. These puppets are some of the best quality you will find anywhere in the world.