AI Puppets for Dementia


Dementia causes an impact on memory, words and relationships. However, people with dementia are still able to express emotions, imagination and humour that can be encourage by working with puppets. Puppets are able to enrich and enhance the lives of people with dementia.

Puppets can be used as tools to transform the subconscious as well as reconnecting the memory and stir emotions. Puppets are a way to stimulate people with dementia who find difficulties with social interaction.

Using puppets with people with dementia is of course just one of several examples of how puppets are increasingly being used in various ‘applied’ social and health care settings to enhance creativity, self-expression and personal development.

Benefits of Puppets for Those with Dementia

Boost self-esteem and self confidence.

Stimulate memories.

Enhance communication and prevent isolation and reclusiveness.

Strengthen bonds.

Stimulate & stir emotions. 

Encourage social interaction.

Boost attitude & mood by stimulating creativity, social engagement and emotional connection and enhance their quality of life.