AI Puppets for special needs


Exploring and playing with puppets support’s children’s development. Puppets are able to encourage imaginative play and help children explore interaction and communication. Puppets are really only one step away from reality.

The 3 building blocks required for future success in life are personal, social and emotional development and using puppets they become wonderful teaching tools.

Puppets are able to assist children with special educational needs as they are able to motivate and support children who demonstrate difficulties in communication and interaction. Puppets can not only help them develop their social and motor skills but they can also meet the visual, tactile and emotional needs of the child. Puppets add a further dimension in helping children with both hearing and local disabilities.

Puppets are able to come to life as characters. They are able to portray different personalities and various traits as well as different cultures. Puppets are also able to share different emotions such as joy and sadness; they can be naughty and good, cheeky or shy. 

Puppets are able to teach children lessons without them even realising it as they are so engaging and provide an essential link between learning and playing.